Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tip #1 - Snack Attack!

I am a snacker. I love it- grazing, munching, and nibbling is a hobby of mine. The problem is that most "snack" type foods are very calorie dense and provide little nutritious value. You can snack before a meal and think it "didn't count"... But in reality you could have consumed more calories then, than you will when you sit down to eat. So, you are trying shed some pounds, or cut back on sugar, or what ever your health quest is at the time. What do you do?

Enjoy these tips. they work for me:

1) Don't go to the cracker, cookie, poptart isle of the grocery store, Just keep walking!

2) LOAD up on fresh fruit and vegetables and chop them up into convenient snack-size pieces so they are readily available when a snack attack occurs.

3) Make a habit of drinking a HUGE glass of water with your snack. This way, you won't have the need to keep looking in cupboards and opening the fridge for more. Water fills you up!

4) Fat. Even though many people think fat is an enemy, it needs to be consumed at every meal to keep you full for more than one or two hours. Some ideas: Peanut butter on toast instead of jelly, avocado on your turkey sandwich, or olive oil in your salad dressing. Fat is good for you, just eat the right portions of it!

5) Think...
If you are grazing out of boredom, go do something!! If you are hungry eat a snack. That was easy.

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