Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pa Pa Ya Thai

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Yesterday my mother and I went out to lunch. Being the food nerd that I am, I am never satisfied with going somewhere I have been before or eating something generic like Subway (although it's good) or something similar. A while back I was on a Thai kick and I had tried Mint Thai and Tiki Wok and was far from impressed. The Wild Thaiger, my last review impressed me, but I wanted to find awesome Thai food that was closer to home. I live in Mesa where fast food and various ___ berto's reign supreme. There are definitely hidden gems of Thai-ness not to worry.

Pa Pa Ya Thai

There are 3 locations, I dined at the location on Lindsay and University in the NW corner plaza. It is nothing fancy-dancy, but I find those kind of places have mediocre food. Real and Authentic is my type. Let's get down to business...

Location: See image
Cuisine: Thai
Meal Time: Lunch

Atmosphere 3/5
Help from an interior decorator would possibly do some good, but I'd rather eat somewhere where food is the #1 priority, not decor. Golden elephants and tablecloths accompanied booths and tables. There was a HUGE party seated in the center of the place, possible 10 couples that only ranted and raved about their meals, this made decision making tough.

Food 5/5
The waiter recommended a very popular curry dish or a cashew chicken dish that is ordered often. i'm not a curry buff, either is my mother so I caved in for the peanut sauce. I ordered "Rama Chicken" Sauteed chicken on a bed of spinach and vegetables, topped with peanut sauce. They say "topped, " but it was immersed in the delectableness. I have had many peanut sauces and this one was different. It was more savory than sweet, which I really enjoyed. Chicken and vegetables were perfectly cooked. My mom ordered "Garden Sweet and sour" and it was super scrumptious. Sauce was amazing and the variety of vegetables was good. I inhaled every drop. my mom got a doggie bag. Perfect, big portion!

Service 5/5
Waiter and Owner were very personable and friendly. We did not wait forever for water, to order, or to get our food. He answered questions we had and made sure we were A-OK! If you don't know, I am not a carb person. I usually request extra vegetables instead of rice, and some places just flat won't do it. At Pa Pa Ya Thai, they gladly cater to whatever your request may be. They made the substitution, no fuss, no charge.

Overall 5/5
Reasonably priced...
Spicy scale 1-5 (3 is perfect!)
Massive Flavor...
Pretty, colorful, exciting food...
Right around the corner...

Pardon the low quality pictures from my cell phone...

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